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  In the Opening Ceremonyimages of New York Fashion Week 2015, people witnessed more than the beautiful models and hot new designs that they expected. Professional ballet dancers disguised in high-fashion attire were interspersed throughout the catwalk, and turned heads as they—with great purpose—tripped and fell down the runway, turning a model’s biggest fear into a beautiful and graceful performance. Why did the directors choose dancers for this fake-out? The answer is simple: dancers and models have a lot in common.

  Both dancers and models require poise, beauty, a captivating stage presence, a strong sense of balance, and—perhaps most importantly—proper technique. Like dancers, a model’s every move is deliberately made and carefully executed. Walking down the runway is nothing like a pedestrian stroll down the street; it requires skill and expertise.

  Arman Sahakyan, world-renowned American dancer, choreographer, and certified modeling coach, trains and certifies aspiring models in his prestigious Catwalk School. Regardless of your level of experience, Arman can help you improve upon your modeling skills, teaching you the confidence and technique that you’ll need to look and feel your best as you strut down the runway.

  Every successful model works with a coach or choreographer on a regular basis, just as dancers must consistently take classes to stay in shape and in practice. Arman Sahakyan is also the owner of his own dance school and company, Dancing with Arman, so he is no stranger to the importance of staying in tune with one’s body. His effective teaching methods will focus on the intricate details of the modeling world, helping you feel at home on the catwalk—the opportunity is YOURS! Call or contact Arman today.